The world of Numenera exists more than a billion years in the future. At least 8 major civilizations have come and gone. Among them, a galactic empire has risen and fallen, a non-human race rose to claim Earth as its home and birth place, world builders and engineering wonders beyond marvel have crumbled leaving behind only remnants of their great works.

In this Ninth world, humanity has taken root once more with some becoming more than human and some decidedly less so. While traces of past civilizations linger, much of the knowledge and learning of days past have slipped into the realm of myth. Legends of the great ships that sailed the very heavens still reverberate as echoes of humanity’s realized potential.

The people of the Ninth world have cannibalized Numenera (aka technology) of civilizations past with limited understanding. Humans are comfortable with numenera but are generally unable to replicate it. Strange automatons, living constructs and artifacts that time forgot abide in the world presenting danger to the unwary and opportunity for the prepared.

Numenera - A future wind